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  • Valerie Jarrett Visits Sasha Bruce House


    Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama, visited the Bruce House this past October to meet and discuss policy involving homeless youth, and the realities that they face everyday.

  • Former SBY Client at the Olympic Trials


    Darryl Lane found himself at the Sasha Bruce House in 2010, in search of stability and support. Now, he is competing at the Olympic Trials for boxing, and continues to hope and persevere for what is to come. Read his…

  • Sasha Bruce to Open Drop-In Center


    Sasha Bruce Youthwork is excited to introduce an new, integrated program into the SBY spectrum of care. The SBY Drop-In Center is projected to launch after the Thanksgiving holiday. For information and updates regarding this exciting new…

  • A First Stop


    Homeless individuals who are deemed “chronically homeless” have priority access to shelter and permanent housing. But young people who are on the street—or in danger of losing a roof over their heads—don’t usually meet the definition of “chronically homeless.”

  • Strategic Plan Unveiled


    Sasha Bruce Youthwork Board and Staff are proud to unveil our first-ever strategic plan.

  • Daily News: “Trauma impairing children’s education”


    A newly released report covered by the Washington Post, details the educational challenges faced by children who have experienced trauma. How should DC schools be equipped to handle these challenges? Read on to learn more.

  • Join the Experts on June 30th


    Homeless and disconnected youth remain some of the most unseen within the homeless population today. Want to learn more? Read on to hear from the experts in Washington D.C.

  • Raynice Inspires at The Howard Theatre


    SBY youth Raynice Day inspired a sold-out crowd at The Howard Theatre on April 22nd, 2015, in celebration of Sasha Bruce Youthwork’s 40 Year Celebration. Continue reading to hear her story.

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