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  • Post offers Helping Hand to SBY


    SBY was named today a beneficiary of The Washington Post Helping Hand, a giving initiative designed to in part bring increased awareness about youth homelessness in the nation’s capital and to raise funds for three beneficiaries.

  • A first sip of stone soup


    Award winning, nonprofit film company, Stone Soup, has put together a short piece to help raise awareness about our mission. Check out a first cut, released at the kick-off of our 40th Anniversary Campaign at the British Embassy last…

  • “Another reason I’ve made SBY’s mission my life mission…”


    Vera Johnson has been a leader at SBY for nearly 40 years. She is the soul of our agency. Read Vera’s reflections on the history – and enduring importance – of our mission.

  • Only the Beginning


    Applause echoed through the British Embassy’s sparkling chandeliers as Jasmine Williams, recipient of the first Evangeline Bruce Award—recognizing leadership and perseverance—concluded her keynote speech.

  • Jasmine brings down the house


    Jasmine Williams was the keynote speaker at Tuesday’s Fundraising Gala, hosted graciously by British Ambassador and Lady Westmacott at their residence. Applause from the 120 guests who attended this event rained down from chandeliers. Our first event marking our 40th…

  • Support from two ambassadors


    We will mark the kick-off of our 40th Anniversary Campaign at a special event hosted by the British Ambassador at his residence in September. Four of our event co-chairs, Dr. Tina Alster, Paul Frazer, Wilma Bernstein and Stuart Bernstein shared…

  • Kevin Durant Foundation


    Imagine a local youth becoming the pro basketball scoring champ and Most Valuable Player. And then imagine that person using his fame and wealth to support homeless and disconnected youth here. No need to imagine – it’s the truth.

  • Summer musicology program


    This year’s annual summer day camp features a Musicology Program at the Sasha Bruce House. Popular interests among the young people we serve include music, rapping, and poetry. The program helps youth draw connections between storytelling and music as…

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