Safe Homes

Homelessness is steadily increasing in the nation’s capital. Each year there are fewer affordable places to live, while the amount of safe, decent shelter for young people and working families does not keep pace with demand. Roughly one-third of homeless people in DC are children. Some of these children are part of homeless families, and others are unable to live at home for a variety of reasons. They may have been kicked out of the house by a parent or guardian who sees no other options and has limited parenting skills. They may have left voluntarily because they’re being abused or neglected. They may have left simply seeking more safety, independence, or opportunities than they found at home. Whatever the reason, a young person who needs a place to stay can find a home at Sasha Bruce. In fact, the Sasha Bruce House is the only open-access shelter for youth in the city. All of our programs offer counseling and classes that can lead young people back to a more stable and supportive family situation, or on a path to true independence and self-sufficiency.

Untitled art by Sasha Bruce House resident Sandea Johnson

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