Beet Street Gardens Partnership

Understanding where food comes from and basic concepts of nutrition are invaluable pieces of knowledge. Sasha Bruce Youthwork youth have been given a chance to further understand concepts of nutrition and gardening through SBY’s partnership with Beet Street Gardens, a nonprofit organization founded by Katie Aldworth.

Beet Street Gardens is a nonprofit that builds gardens on the grounds of social service organizations that work with disadvantaged adults, teens and families. They aim to create a space where economic and social divisions do not dictate who has access to nutritious food, outdoor spaces and the enjoyment of gardening.

Beet Street Gardens partners with Sasha Bruce Youthwork to give youth the chance to experience working with the land to yield produce and to build the skills necessary for growing one’s own food. The garden is located at Bruce House and continues to thrive due to the efforts of the Beet Street Gardens team and SBY youth.

Find out more about Beet Street Gardens at their Facebook page or click here to read the Beet Street Gardens blog.

Beet Street Gardens Partnership

Address: Sasha Bruce House
1022 Maryland Ave, NE
Washington, DC 20002

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