Afterschool Project

SBY’s Afterschool Project uses one-to-one mentoring relationships, tutoring and experiential learning focusing on areas of interest to out-of-school youth. Though programming is determined in large measure by partcipants, themselves, our staff and volunteers with experience in life skills counseling, vocational training, civic engagement, academics, arts, recreational activities and information technology meet with teens on a daily basis in late afternoons at our shelter to share their perspective and to challenge youth to pursue achievement in these areas. Besides helping young people become re-engaged in school and providing them with ongoing tutoring, our Afterschool Project seeks to build participants’ leadership skills. Peer staff and participants develop a democratic process to identify and promote individual leaders. Subsequent activities facilitated by leaders include focuses on pregnancy, school enrollment, involvement with the Juvenile Justice System, communicable diseases or drug abuse. With the support of staff, these individuals are encouraged to relay their messages in these areas to other youth at community-based venues where SBY collaborates.

Afterschool Project


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